Michael In My Mind 20"X24"


Harry Johnson Paints His Face 20"X24"


A Night At The Irish 20"X24"

Joe Squalli 18 "X24"


Aaron Islands 20"X16"


Teresa 2 20"X16"


Innesmore 16"X 20"

Pat 36"X24"


Tattoo Larry 36"X24"


Backstage At The Irish 20"X24"


Mary 20"X24"


Niel In Hat 20"X24"


Teresa 1 16"X20"

Teresa 4 20"X16"


The Soundman 24"X36"


Rick Seeing Nerdrum For The First Time 12""X16""


Portrait of the painter as a young man 12"X16"


The Waite r 18 "X24"


Mystic Morning 24"X36"


Teresa 3 20"X16"

The Cut Man 20 "X16"