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This series of paintings chronicles the actors and characters of Shakespeare in Delaware Park, a theater company in Buffalo, New York. The subjects are all performers; they are comfortable with the scrutiny of an audience or a camera which makes them ideal models for portraiture. Plus, for the figure study, each person is attired in an interesting costume.

Lennie has spent almost eleven years following the company. While studying the actors and their characterizations of literature's most famous figures, he has developed a greater understanding of the energy each individual puts into becoming a different person. Lennie strives to preserve a portion of their efforts within his paintings.


Claudius' Plot 36"X 24"

Girl with a flower 20"X 24"

Gonta's Hamlet 24"X 30"

Gravedigger 30"X 24"

Joy 14.25"X 22.5"

The Nurse 22"X 28"

Angela 14"X24"











Lady Capulet 20"X 24"

Meg 36"X 24"

The Merchant 24"X 28"

Merry Maids 28"X 22"

Neil 22.5"X 28.5"

The Extra 10"X 13"

Hillary at the window 24"X 30"

Machining the script 18"X 24"


Ophelia 22"X 28"

Reluctant player 10"X 20"

Saul as Falstaff 22"X 28"

Soldiers 20"X 24"

Three Tenors 40"X 30"

The Page 21.5"X 28.5"

Rebecca 18"X 28"