The Party's At My House 18" X 24"


Wayne Williams 24"X30"


The Opposite of Love Is Indifference 24"X30"


James 1 15"X20"


Wayne 20 "X24"


Elizabeth 16 "X20"


Luthier 20 "X24"


The Young Chocolateer 30 "X24"


The Irish Fiddler 20 "X24"
























The Human Condition 36"x 48"


Prepboy 24"X36"


The Huddle 30"X24"


After the Met 30"X24"


Listening Improves With Age 22"X25"


Supper at Emmaus 36 "X48'


Tom In Studio 20 "X24"


Ponte Vecchio 30 "X40"





























Boy from Pisa 16"X16"


Study of Wayne 16"X20"


Take the cork out of the bottle 28"X22"


James 2 14"X20


Dressing the Deuce 36"X48"


Puppet Master of Bay St, 22"X32"


Tom Insalaco 20 "X24"


Luthier 2 16" "X24"